Empik Future Store has opened in Warsaw „Złote Tarasy”

Empik Future Store has opened in Warsaw „Złote Tarasy”

New format of Empik store was opened in Warsaw. The store in „Złote Tarasy” with an area of 760 m2 is the fifteenth Empik Store in Poland, decorated according to the new concept of FUTURE STORE.


We are very pleased that we participated in the reconstruction of this demanding store. As part of remodeling, we have developed an entire shop system. All MAGO solutions: wall and free-standing shelving, gondolas, checkout counters area was made by us in accordance with the latest, effective architectural concept of Empik Future Store.

According to this new concept, the new Empik Store is full of digital solutions. New equipment, functional design and a transparent arrangement of articles will make shopping a pleasure. The living room has a wide range of products from the world of culture and entertainment to help develop your passions and interests. The unique display not only makes it easier to find the title you are looking for, but also inspires you to shop. Customers of the new concept have at their disposal an interactive multimedia device that helps to find specific products in the store, displaying a map with directions on how to reach them.

The heart of the store are large screens located in the center of the salon, which inform clients about new products, premieres and news from the world of culture. Customers looking for inspiration or hints in choosing a gift.

Those who wants to calmly review the offer and available articles can take advantage of comfortable seats. For the youngest Empik guests, a colorful corner with a cheerful giraffe has been prepared, at which the little ones can draw at will.



The salon located in „Złote Tarasy” is primarily a new shopping experience that will surely translate into customer satisfaction.


Thanks to Empik for a trust in such a demanding project. 



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