Another project for Carrefour carried out in „Fifteenth” – the largest district of Paris.


The shop is located in an old tenement house and has 400 m2 of the sales  area. New concept has been prepared in a more transparent and friendly layout for customers within the latest concept of “Carrefour City”.

The store has gained a new interior design, and much better use of commercial space.

Our project was the remodeling of an existing store, so all kinds of unexpected “surprises” accured during our work, but we manage to overcome that with great success. 

In the new version of „CF Croix Nivert” we can find all the latest solutions developed by MAGO: store shelves with LED lighting and wooden finishing as well as checkout counters dedicated to Carrefour.

We are proud of the fact that despite many challenges, objective difficulties and changing priorities, we have been able to meet the expectations of our client.

We are very pleased that our Parisian projects are very popular among the clients of the Carrefour Chain as well as among other clients. We receive words of appreciation and positive feedback about high quality products delivered and professional service.


We thank Carrefour for trust.


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