Carrefour Pro – a hypermarket of the future!

The first Carrefour Pro in Poland is already open!

In the Warsaw Promenade, the latest concept of the Carrefour Retail Chain was opened – a shop combining the traditional form of shopping with online shopping.


The new store brings together innovative solutions developed by MAGO SA as part of the Omnichanel strategy. On the area of 2000 m2, the most modern digital solutions in Poland were used, making this hypermarket unique in the whole country.

The uniqueness of this place is not only  in a wide range of products – customers have over 15 thousand products on display, but above all the combination of the traditional form of shopping with online shopping. On 19 interactive screens, the customer has the option of ordering products from the online store. Thanks to this, the customer gains access to 16,500 food products available in the online store and about 6,000 non-food products from the offer of their own network at

To order online, simply install the “My Carrefour” application, selected goods will be delivered to the address indicated in registration proces, goods will be ready for collection in the store or a special “Coolomat” parcel locker located in front of the store.

The solution used in the new hypermarket is the first implementation of m-commerce solutions in the store of our network.” The customer only needs a phone with an installed application to order a product that he has not found in the store. We can respond in real-time to the needs of our clients – says Ronan Martin, Operations Director at Carrefour Polska. “

The Promenade store is a summary of our work carried out for several years and technologies and innovations developed by us. This is an example of implementation of the Omnichanel strategy and the direction in which we want to follow. The Polish market – set trends and implement pioneering ideas – he adds.


Carrefour Pro is surprising from the entrance. We will not find here a traditional organization of space – self-service checkouts are located in the depths of the store, inviting the client to come in and give more space at the entrance. Thanks to the applied solutions, the customer can indulge in making purchases based on modern technologies.

The Scan & Go service, known from other brand stores, is also used here. The customer using the “My Carrefour” application can scan QR codes of goods and pay for everything with the phone in the application.

Carrefour Pro is not only a technological retail center in Poland, but above all a hypermarket, where the customer will find new sales concepts, such as the restaurant part located in the heart of the store. This solution enables the customer to buy ready meals – salads, sushi, tapas, sweets, fresh juices or dishes from the on-site lunch menu.

We can proudly say that as MAGO SA we contributed to the creation of this unique store. At Carrefour Pro, you can find our CX shop shelves with accessories and lighting. We also provided less standard solutions like wire shelves or racking boxes.

We invite you to visit Carrefour Pro in the Warsaw Promenade and test the applied solutions that set the trends that will follow other brands from the retail industry.



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