New production plant is almost ready!

New production plant is almost ready!

The construction of a new MGL production hall in Rawa Mazowiecka is coming to an end.

Production work will start in March this year!


The expansion of the production plant in Rawa Mazowiecka is one of the stages of long-term development of our group, and in particular of MGL Sp. z o.o., which as a leading producer of warehouse technology in Poland, plans to expand also to the markets of Western Europe and the Middle East. The company develops new, innovative products in order to constantly reduce the time of its orders.

The new facility will allow us to achieve all of the above objectives.  Its usable area it is over 1960 m2, which consists of two large parts – a welding shop and a modern profiler with a crane for shaping steel profiles. Importantly, to support them, it is necessary to increase employment, therefore MGL Sp. z o.o. recruits for new positions.

Modern equipment and a large area are not the only impressive facts regarding the new hall. The building was built at a very fast pace – the beginning of construction took place in October last year and will be ready for use as early as March 31!

Interestingly, the Danler company is responsible for lighting the entire area, just like MGL Sp. z o.o. – belongs to our group, of which we are extremely proud.

However, this is not the end of our common ambitions! With the completion of this stage of investment, MGL begins the next. Among them is the construction of an even larger production hall – this time with an area of up to 7000 m2, which will allow us to double the current overall production powers of the company!

The completion of the extension will be a new office building with the company headquarters. The investment is a response to the growing number of orders from all over Poland and Europe. We are sure that thanks to this, the whole group will be able to realize orders even faster!

You can also read about the construction of the new hall at


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