Standard widely used and recognized on the European market. Compatible with industry leaders on the German and English market.
Basic food shelf to display dry products in packaging. Displays of goods in jars, bottles and cans. Sales and displays in plastic bottles and quick-boxes.

Range of metal shelves available in popular cost-effective colors as well as a rich selection of viariety of colors.
5 core components elements. Easy to transport and fast to assemble. Preferred display shelving of new investors as well as experienced players in the retail industry. We introduce you „POLA 05.” Shelving system.


Height ranging from 1.4 to 3 meters. 5 cm perforation pitch to hang shelves on desired height with required distance.
Assuring good and easy accessible products and goods exposition. Selection of depths standards from space-saving 27-37 cm shelves, through 47-57-67 up to 77 cm for bigger spaces and applications eg. with pallet goods.
Entire shelving runs may consist of section widths used on smaller surfaces 66.5 and 80 cm.
Through the standards of 100 and 125 cm in market stores. Up to super and hypermarkets 133 cm.
Big choice of sizes, find the right shelves for your goods display.

Possibility to change the tilt angle of the shelves for exposures such as chocolate and "quick boxes"
Rich selection of accessories. Display rails, hangers and much more to display and sell goods in blisters.
Shelving optionally with decorative plinths and/or crash bars protecting merchandise placed on lower and middle shelves.

All dimensions are nominal dimensions. If exact dimensions are required please contact us.All values are nominal values. If exact dimensions are required please contact us.


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