Remodeling BP gas stations by MAGO

British fuel company BP is remodeling its stores format in Poland.


We are currently at the stage of modernization and reconstruction of first petrol stations, changing their layouts and arrangements. All shopfitting equipement has been replaced by MAGO display solutions, with more space for presenting the goods. The colors of new furniture has been adapted to the changing interior of the petrol station.


The goal of remodeling is to expand the convenience store offer, so that customers have a wider choice of fresh food products. The change process is based on market observation and changing shopping preferences of customers who are more and more demanding.


That is why BP demands the exposition to be a source of inspiration for customers and the determinant of current trends in interior design. The aim of the modernization of the facilities is to expand the offer and improve the quality of service.


Changes take place at chosen location as a part of pilot program that can be adopted for the entire chain in Poland.


BP with over 500 locations in Poland is a huge project, and we are very happy to be a part of it.


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