Self-service checkouts as solution for staff shortages in stores?



Paweł Kot –  Development Manager at MAGO talks about our proprietary product two-function cash desks





Self-service checkouts as solution for staff shortages in stores?


Stores often have difficulty finding employees for the cashier’s position. The problem may be solved by the introduction of self-service checkouts. They are used more and more widely in Polish stores, also smaller ones. Will cashiers no longer be needed?


The introduction of self-service checkouts is definitely not the end of the cashier’s profession. 50% of the population still wants to shop in a traditional way, wants to interact with other people. There will be a change in the competence of cashiers, who will also service self-service checkouts – says Paweł Kot, development manager at MAGO.


Currently, self-service checkouts are used mainly in super- and hypermarkets. However, due to the optimization of technologies and production costs, these devices are also available for smaller outlets, such as convenience stores.


The use of self-service checkouts brings benefits for both store owners and consumers. In the case of the former, it is important to increase revenues in addition to reducing staffing problems. „All checkouts are open non-stop, we have a constant flow of goods, which automatically increases the turnover and profits for the company “- notes the interlocutor.  


The benefit for consumers, however, is faster purchases by limiting queues to cash desks (this is particularly important during periods of increased traffic, e.g. before non- shopping Sundays or holidays). According to the Mastercard study “Are Poles ready for shops without cash desks”, queuing is the most frustrating element of shopping for us. According to more than half of the respondents, the problem could be limited by the introduction of self-service checkouts.


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