Common features of our solutions


Our offer includes a full range of storage systems constructions. We specialize in production pallet racks, racks with integration, cantilever and external racks and constructions adapted for specific sejsmic zones as well.

Comprehensively and professionally realize every order, providing a full range of accessories as well as offering less common elements such as mezzanines. Our experts every time work out a technical documentation and make calculations having regard to the place of storage, loading, and all other factors affecting the design.

Our fully automatic factory in Rawa Mazowiecka specializes in the manufacturing heavy constructions. We also developed a multi-level structures used in logistics centers.


  • Desirable, widely used and appreciated European shelving racks design
  • TUV certyficate – approved systems solutions

Pallet Racking

More power per square meter

The HX rack series may be typically erected up to 12 m, but the height of the structure is limited only by its resistance and stiffness and is checked at all times. The system comprises permanent, framebased,

shelf-type racks with permanent shelves intended for high-storage of goods. Available ranges of dimensional elements enable the storage of pallets of different sizes, as necessary, in the longitudinal or transverse. We also offer a number of accessories to safely store items with specific requirements. The safety and quality of construction HX system is confirmed by GS safety sign issued by TÜV Rheinland Institute.


  1. FRAME

    The HX system provides for a truss structure composed of two pillars joined by bracings.

    Pillars are made of perforated, steel open profiles with external dimensions of 82 × 70, 102 × 70 and 122 × 70 mm. The pillars include two rows of assembly openings positioned vertically every 50 mm.



    The rack’s construction based on traverses with a closed section or traverses with a built-up profile.


    Besides front and corner rack guard, is also used a fender beames


    Series of pallet racks can be also used to organize the sales space. Our wide range of accessories perfectly meets the organizational and sales functions in spaces such as building concepts and DIY discount stores.

Racks with integration

Elements of Systems shown below allows you to comfortably create systems with integration which is integrated into a pallet rack (using the Common Elements) light rack shelf. This design provides the use of high capacity pallet rack storage.  Commodity exposure at a height above 2.2 – 2.5 m,  and in the lower racks part realize exposure and sales standard rack. Safety and quality of HX and NX systems is confirmed by GS safety sign issued by TÜV Rheinland Institute.

  1. FRAME

    Racks with integration include the series of constructions which based on a framework built with columns rectangular cross section. Depending on the system, constructions are built based on the dimension of the upright 55 × 40 mm for the NX mini, or 70 × 80 mm for the NX HD.


    Beams (traverses) are main longitudinal elements forming the structure of the base structures racks with integration. Structurally, beams are made of different kinds of steel uprights, with welded ends appropriately shaped paws, ensuring the correct position of the framework perforation. We offer a wide range of beams (traverses), allowing for a precise fit rack structures for individual needs. 



    If the goods for storage aren’t placed on pallets, it is Necessary to use additional elements from Which are made rack’s shelves. Depending on individual Requirements We provide laminated board shelves, shelves panel, perforated panel shelves and wire lattice shelves.


    Depending from the needs there’s possible placing rack elements (back panels, brackets) directly into upright framework perforation or into special adapter’s perforation. For this special constructions a full range of accessories can be used.


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