Management Board Statement

The Management Board of MAGO S.A. informs that due to the current critical situation in the territory of independent Ukraine, the activity of MAGO Ukraine branch has been suspended for security reasons until further notice.


Current situation sets the priority to safety of employees and their families who were asked to stay at home or at any other safe place. MAGO UA employees were informed about help and assistance  provided by MAGO S.A. in a situation where it is necessary for them to be relocated to Poland.


All the necessary company activities are run remotely with the support of MAGO S.A. headquarter.


We monitor the situation constantly. Depending on the development, scale and scope of the conflict, previously prepared scenarios are to be implemented.

At the same time, we would like to inform that we are not indifferent to the current situation and, as part of solidarity with the Ukrainian nation, we are planning a fundraise starting next week. The collected amount  will be multiplied by the Management Board of MAGO S.A. and transferred to the Polish Center for International Aid in order to support humanitarian aid related to evacuation and providing children with psychological help.


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