Carrefour Contact in Vedene, France

The MAGO Group actively participates in the development of the Carrefour chain of stores on the French market. We started our cooperation with the execution of smaller formats – Express and City, and the trust gained in these projects resulted in orders for both standard fittings and fittings dedicated for larger formats – Contact and Market. We have completed the first successful implementations of MAGO rack solutions for these formats. Cooperation in the development of both concepts is gaining momentum. One of MAGO’s recently completed projects on the French market is Carrefour Contact in the city of Vedene.

The concept behind the Contact format is a medium-sized deli, characterized by a modern, industrial design. Our task was to design comprehensive shop fittings, consistent with the style of the entire building. To obtain the effect expected by the customer, we used materials such as wood or chipboard. We have also delivered a number of decorative elements that perfectly match the entire fitting.

The sales room with an area of 770 m2 was equipped with the MAGO CX 25 Monofond shelving system. We have delivered, among others, shelving for vegetables and fruits, bakery shelving, shelving for the BIO zone.

Our tasks included the creation of a wine zone that included both a series of racks and a free-standing display island. In order to better present the special offer on the rack shelves, we have created small POS modules made of chipboard, containing several bottles of wine. The design of the mini-display allows the product to be presented in two positions – vertical and horizontal. The displays, placed between standard bottles, immediately catch the eye of the clients, guaranteeing increased interest in a specific product range. Also, the display has been designed to emphasize the presentation of wines and thus increase sales. In the upper part of the island, there are shelves inclined at a slight angle, used for flat display of bottles. The stock of wines of each type is placed below, in wooden shelves with inclined compartments. The structure is complemented by a semicircular extension placed on both sides. The design of the display island is inspired by the style of wine cellars.

A non-standard element of the order was the arrangement of the customer service point – as guided, we created a comfortable and aesthetic space for communication between staff and customers. The enclosure of the service point is made of an engineered wood resembling pine wood. Additional elements are white melamine tops and horizontal aluminium rails integrated into the side walls of the stand. 

MAGO was responsible for both the production of all the fittings and their installation in the store.



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