Clever - Mobile Self-service Checkout

Mobile self-service checkout “Clever” is a breakthrough solution, which is an answer to the problems of modern Retail.

CLEVER not only makes the shop’s work more efficient, but above all, it makes everyday shopping easier for customers. The mobile self-service checkout is a great addition to the payment zone at the point of sale – it is always in the shop!



– the customer can carry out the entire shopping process in the shop on his or her own (from the selection of items, their scanning to the payment by the mobile application)

– our solution helps you to control your purchasing process: analyse your customer choices and influence their decisions; the perfect tool for up-selling and cross-selling

– our solution is a remedy for the problems, probably all over Europe, with the recruitment of staff or reduction of operating costs of a retailer

CLEVER replaces not only the traditional but also the self-service checkouts.



– with CLEVER you don’t wait in line – the whole shopping process in the store can be carried out by yourself

– shopping is quicker and more efficient – you don’t have to repack your articles three times (from shelf to trolley, from trolley to cash register, from cash register to bag)

– quick and convenient payment – possibility to make payment using the mobile application or by payment station.


– be Eco! We encourage customers to use reusable bags



Your customer gets a revolutionary solution that will significantly speed up the purchasing process. Move the payment zone to the trolley, making shopping easier and the whole shopping process more efficient


Display to your customer promotional information on the LED screen while they make their purchase decision. Increase the customer's shopping basket with predefined upselling scenarios.


Minimize contact of customers and your store personel The goods are scanned once directly by the customer. There is no need to put the goods back on the checkout counter or scan the goods again.