DONATION KIOSKS designed and manufactured by MAGO for Mastercard and Caritas

We are pleased to announce that the first DONATION KIOSKS designed and manufactured by MAGO will be put up in ten different locations across Poland by the end of October.

DONATION KIOSKS are self-service machines equipped with a touchscreen, designed for making contactless non-cash donations to charity fundraising campaigns organized by CARITAS POLAND. On the screen, donors can choose one of the donation amounts or enter their own contribution. Next, hold your card, phone or any other mobile device with a payment app to the reader to make a donation. For the convenience of donors, DONATION KIOSKS come equipped with four language options: Polish, English, French and German. Donors may contribute money to one of several charitable causes championed by Caritas.

The fundraisers are related to the most urgent global issues. For the time being, donors have a choice between four charity projects:

FAMILY TO FAMILY – to help victims of armed conflicts,

HELP BEIRUT – to assist victims of the recent explosion in the Beirut port area,

HELP VENEZUELA – to support Venezuelans suffering from hunger,

WINGS PROGRAMME – to help satisfy the need for good-quality education among Polish children.

DONATION KIOSKS are managed remotely, so Caritas is able to add a new fundraiser at any time, if so required by the situation in Poland or globally.

The originator of the project is Mastercard. Partners include Polskie ePłatności as an acquirer and our company in the role of supplier of self-service automated donation machines. The initiative was also supported by leading Polish companies including PKP S.A. [Polish State Railways] and Przedsiębiorstwo Państwowe “Porty Lotnicze” (PPL) [“Polish Airports” State Enterprise], which provided attractive locations for DONATION KIOSKS in passenger handling facilities in Poland’s largest cities.

The first batch of eleven kiosks will be installed in a number of locations across Poland including: Warsaw Chopin Airport (two DONATION KIOSKS); main railway stations in Warsaw, Kraków, Katowice and Wrocław; Jasna Góra Monastery in Częstochowa, Basilica of the Assumption in Kołobrzeg, Church of Christ the King in Sanok; and Okopowa Centre in Warsaw.

In the near future, DONATION KIOSKS will also be set up on the premises of other popular airports and railway stations, and in frequently visited religious sites.


We are proud that DONATION KIOSKS manufactured by our company will assist in collecting funds for those most in need.

Be sure to watch a video about the functionalities of our DONATION KIOSKS.



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