MAGO and CCL TECH Forge Strategic Alliance to Redefine Checkout Solutions

We are thrilled to announce a significant development that holds great promise for the future of MAGO. Recently, we solidified a strategic partnership with CCL and CCLTech, a momentous step in our journey to redefine checkout solutions. This alliance represents a pivotal juncture and is poised to unlock a multitude of new opportunities for both our organizations. 


The collaboration with CCL brings together two distinguished leaders in their respective industries. It is our belief that this partnership will culminate in the creation of cutting-edge checkout solutions, delivering tangible benefits not only to our enterprises but also to you, our valued customers. 


As we embark on thisexcitingpath with CCL, we arecommitted to ensuringcompletetransparency and communication. We willkeepyouinformedabout the remarkableadvancementsthatwillstem from thiscollaboration. Your trust and loyaltyareinvaluable to us, and we intend to upholdyourexpectationsevery step of the way.




You can read full Press release here by clicking PREES RELEASE






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