New project for French Carrefour City in Grenoble 

We are delighted to announce the successful completion of another project for the renowned retail chain Carrefour in the city of Grenoble. 

The 300-square-meter Carrefour City sales floor has been equipped with shelves and display solutions based on the proven MAGO CX system, featuring a 25 mm perforation pitch. This setup makes it easier to present goods attractively. 

Attractive Wine Area 

Responding to the needs of Carrefour City and its customers, MAGO designed and produced modern shelves and wine displays that ensure optimal bottle storage while aesthetically showcasing the diverse assortment. The wine area features a free-standing, mobile gondola, whose construction allows for a large number of products to be displayed attractively from all sides. 

Modern Vegetable Shelf 

One of the key sales areas in the store is fruits and vegetables. Therefore, an essential element of this zone is the vegetable shelf, a free-standing, specially lit gondola with a 360-degree product display. It is designed with customer convenience and display aesthetics in mind. The ergonomic design and solid construction of the shelf guarantee easy access to fresh products while highlighting their natural qualities. 

Shelf Lighting 

To further enhance the features of the offered assortment, all shelves in the store are equipped with special, energy-efficient lighting. By using the latest LED technologies, the lighting not only highlights products attractively but also encourages purchases. 

Among the solutions delivered to the store in Grenoble were stands for mini baguettes and a special cheese stand. Thanks to their appropriate construction and materials, our displays are sturdy and stable, ensuring proper air circulation, which is very important for presenting such products. 

The implementation at Carrefour City in Grenoble is yet another confirmation that the MAGO CX system is excellent for various retail formats, adapting to the individual needs of each store. 

It is crucial to highlight the importance of the precise installation of solutions on the sales floor, which ensures their solidity and durability. Therefore, we also handled the installation of the delivered display products. 

We invite you to visit the newly opened Carrefour City in Grenoble to experience the quality of our solutions firsthand. Thanks to our collaboration, the store has gained modern, functional, and aesthetically pleasing equipment that will undoubtedly attract customers and enhance their shopping experience. 



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