Managing retail space is no easy task. Especially when the same price must appear in many places at once. Our proprietary solutions offer maximum control over prices. Owing to them, you gain massive advantage.

Operation of our pricing management centre relies on a powerful computer. A program is installed on the machine that controls all other components of the system. Prices may be managed from any location within the store, via our application installed on the PDA device with the Android operating system. A mobile printer enables you to print out the label while standing directly in front of the store shelf, or to quickly add information, e.g. to a special promotional label. If you want, you can freely modify the pricing infrastructure by using electronic labels. All functionalities of the command-and-control centre are available at the push of a button.

Digital store map

  1. PC
  2. Desktop and mobile apps
    Desktop and mobile apps
  3. PDA
  4. mobile printer
    mobile printer
  5. WIFI


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