Spa & Wellness – best definition for today’s state & condition of Pharmacy, Cosmetics & Care stores. Create a “place to be” Beauty Store or organized and accessible, clean and clear Pharmacy Store. For the shoppers with a shopping list and with the extra time for the unexpected shopping experience. Concepts and shelving solutions for clean, bright space filled with fragrance. MAGO selection of beauty supply store shelving and fixtures and pharmacy shelving.

Concepts and shelving solutions

Range of cosmetic store displays and beauty supply store fixtures. Glass shelves and white finishes Pharmacy store fixtures and shelving. Neat and stylish cosmetic shelves with LED light. Highlight the product diversity. Highlight key shelves within a run or light up the entire display. Separate merchandise section using metal panels to perfect product display. Sleek design, decorative wood and mirrors paneling. Health & Beauty Shop Concept Pharmacy & Care Store Concept. Thinking about shopfitting – please write us.


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