DIY stores – tools-materials-ideas. Hammer needed for today, and inspiring ideas building tomorrow. Just BE&DO-it-yourself.

Headquarters of the real deal construction heroes. Truly life-saving and inspiring zones. DIY – Building the legend.
Build-equip-repair-repeat. From the front door to backyard grill & swing. Year round, one stop for all we may need.
High loads, “wear and tear” environment. Magnitude and multiplicity. Expositions fast transition from spring – lawn mowers to “Merry Christmas” - snow blowers. Daily tasks of DIY segment handling & trading. Step aside standard shelving, stand down palette racking this is job for Integrated Systems. Integrated racking – dependable driving force of DIY centers. Ladies and Gentlemen please welcome the heavy-weight player NX. Clean & organized - keep it shoppable with respect for work people.

Additional elements - POP & POS displays

Smart & mulitasking - DIY mobile displays, stand-alone stands and many more projects for Home & Garden.
Thinking about shopfitting – please write us.


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