MAGO offer continuous to expand, presenting BRAND NEW PRODUCT!

Interactive information point ensuring customer service improvement. State-of-the-Art form of promotion and information. Infokiosk, the answer for growing digitalization of retail stores space & environment. Excellent Omnichannel tool, linking off-line & on-line sales. Based on touch technology, with eye-catching design. Compact in size, airy and slim design. Easy to use construction makes our Infokiosk useful tool for both convenience and big box stores.

Mobile information for your customers.

What’s Your gain?

Time saving – Infokiosk answers all possible customer’s questions through attractive video or multimedia presentations. Sales assistant – bring your customer closer to final buying decision without engaging store staff. Better understanding of target group – tailoring promotions to customers and their needs Handling Loyalty programs – faster customer’s information acquisition Newest weekly adds and store specials available without the need to print – providing customers with information on new hot deals, coming promotions and special occasion events.


Advantages of infokiosk
Sales support – additional sales assistant, instantly providing customers with all required information
Acquiring customers contacts – excellent source to obtain new customers for Loyalty programs.
Attractive form of advertisement – display your catalog with clearance sale or goods selected for fast sell-out; attractive visual form surely will draw customers attention.


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