Nexto Display – Self Service Display

Increase your revenue and give your customers convenience with Nexto Display, an innovative self-service site. Nexto Display is revolutionizing retail shopping by enabling a seamless, automated and secure shopping experience wherever you are.

Why Choose Nexto Display?

NEXTO DISPLAY is used for the unmanned sale of products primarily fresh, impulse and those whose proper display is important because they are "bought with their eyes." Merchandising of the display can be done in several ways, depending on what products we sell. We can merchandise both whole baskets of products (such as bread) and individual products such as sandwiches , drinks, etc.

Why choose Nexto Display?.

Atractive display of fresh products - Nexto Display allows you to sell goods in two temperature zones, ideal for fresh products such as bread and sandwiches. As a result, Nexto Display can offer customers fresh products at all times.

Flexible assortment - Nexto Display allows you to flexibly customize your offerings to meet the needs of your business, whether your outlet is located downtown, in a business park or at the airport.

Automate processes - Nexto Display automates sales and merchandising processes, which is extremely useful in high-traffic areas. Customers can shop quickly and conveniently.


24/7 availability - the solution is open 24 hours a day, which means it can complement existing stores. Nexto Display can replace traditional storefronts in small self-service stores, allowing you to sell products as soon as the store closes, increasing your revenue and providing convenience to your customers.

Mobile solution - which, thanks to its relatively small size, can be placed anywhere; if a specific location is not very effective, it is easy to move the display to another, more attractive location.

Unmanned solution. - before the start of the sales process, the operator fills it with products, turns it on, and generally all sales already take place on their own, until the last piece is sold out or the device is automatically turned off.

Electricity savings - due to the lack of employees and thanks to its relatively small size, the space to be heated or cooled is not large.

Mobility - due to the small volume and easy relocation.

Security - thanks to electronic payments and constant monitoring of the facility.

We encourage you to watch a short video presentation of Nexto Display from Euroshop 2023, where our solution had its official premiere.

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