At the end of September, TORIMPEX opened its ninth outlet in Toruń, presenting customers with a completely new shop concept. With an area of approximately 1,100 square metres, the market is not only a space that has been thoughtfully designed in terms of shopping comfort, but is also environmentally friendly. The shop’s interiors have been designed to provide customers with the best possible shopping experience.

MAGO solutions designed and manufactured in accordance with the architectural concept are responsible for the comfort of shopping in the newly opened store.

One of the key solutions used in this retail space is the reliable MAGO MEGA 15 shelving system. The shelves are fitted with wire shelves, which are characterised by their high translucency, giving the impression that the shelves are fully stocked at all times.

The tops of the shelves have been fitted with promotional addons  in the form of rounded shelves in eye-catching colour red. This is an important location for the display of promotional and seasonal products, so the striking design promotes a quicker purchasing decision by the customer.

An extremely important aspect of shelving is its protection against accidental damage. For this reason, the MEGA 15 series shelving units are fitted with bumpers to protect them from, for impacts from shopping trolleys or floor cleaning machines.

The arrangement of the Toruń shop also featured non-standard solutions, such as a special openwork metal canopy for the main aisle of the shop. The construction department at MAGO designed this canopy and integrated it into the shop shelves.

The racks in this series are distinguished not only by their simple assembly, but also by the easy and quick possibility of changing the display. It is worth mentioning that the automated production process of the MEGA 15 shelving units makes it possible to produce them quickly, even in large quantities, and deliver them within a short period of time.

For premium goods, we have produced mobile shelving units which, thanks to the combination of metal and wood, are characterised by lightness and warm up the sales area. Thanks to the castors, the shelves can be easily repositioned in the shop.

In addition to the traditional MAGO checkout counters located in the checkout area, in the new TORIMPEX shop the attention is drawn to the checkout built into the counter. This solution combines three separate elements: a conveyor belt, a cashier’s table and a put-away basket, creating a harmonious and functional checkout point.

The new TORIMPEX shop in Toruń is an example of how shops can be not only a place to shop, but also a space that is customer-friendly and efficient in terms of functionality. We warmly invite everyone to visit the newly opened shop at 114 Okólna Street.



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