UX – a rack resistant to wind and snow

Another project for OBI is already behind us. This time, our job was to design, manufacture and install outdoor racking for the OBI store in Łódź.

The racking was made in accordance with the standards of the UX system, which comprises a series of fixed, pallet racks intended for high-bay outdoor storage.

The configuration of a wind-resistant rack for OBI, including column spacing, types of beams, height of storage levels, spacing of the rack lines and other necessary dimensions were tailored to meet the customer’s needs. We also constructed a corrugated sheet metal roof to protect the stored goods.

The rack was subjected to a design analysis that verifies potential hazards and takes into account local climatic conditions and roughness of the terrain in order to ensure the required load capacity, stability and operational safety of the structure in accordance with the required standards.

MAGO has been supplying all types of retail and storage facilities for 30 years. We support our customers’ businesses at every stage of the project and we look forward to working with you!

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