Auchan Cloche d’Or in Luxembourg

One of the largest hypermarkets in Europe has just been opened. This event is widely commented on by the media not only in Western Europe and Poland, but also in Belarus, Ukraine and Russia.

Auchan in the La Cloche d’Or district was created in a new „Lifestore” concept combining all areas of customer life in one shopping area. And more so in the MAGO group we have a reason to be proud that we are co-creators of this unique project.

Auchan Lifestore with a retail area of ​​12,500 m2 is a revolution in the area of ​​customer shopping experience. Instead of the closed area of ​​the sales room, the new concept focuses on an open hypermarket model combined with the entire area of ​​„customer life”. Under one roof, we have a variety of commercial spaces, an entertainment zone, while in the heart of the store there is a gastronomy section including restaurant and even a brewery.

The Lifestore concept is more than just a market. It aims to revolutionize shopping experience and become a popular place for families to spend time. It is a modernly arranged shopping space, where you can do your shopping, but in a top of that you can also eat something tasty and have a good time.


In order to adapt to the client’s expectations, we have armed one of our shelving systems  „MAGO CX” with a number of  functional and aesthetic features such as decorative pillars, backs made of decorative metal mesh and characteristic red extensions, communicating promotional campaigns section.

An interesting addition to the structure of shop shelves, which draws attention is certainly the distinction of selected shelves with bridges. These so-called „Bridges” make it easier for customers to navigate between individual zones in the store, and at the same time they are a very interesting architectural element, unseen in other stores.

We used  standard sub-panel lighting to better display the products. For that reason we have invited a Danler company , one of companies in the MAGO Group to install a shelf lighting for this project.

In addition to standard shelves systems, the store has been equipped by our company with many „tailor-made” elements. One of them is the BREWERY ZONE, where there are entire sections made of metal, plexiglass and wood. There are both fixed and mobile elements here. The dark coloring of steel combined with the noble oak takes on an industrial and modern character. Our other tailor-made solutions include Game Zone or the wine tasting area.

The new store is full of solutions that help customers shopping. What attracts attention is the innovative payment zone implemented by MAGO, which is unique in its scale, consisting of nearly 50 individual self-service checkout stations and more than 20 traditional checkouts organized in the islands. The whole area has been designed with particular attention to ergonomics and access for people with disabilities, and what should be considered particularly inspiring, some of the self-service stations have been adapted to be used by children. The zone’s functionality is complemented by efficient service of a wide range of payment methods, including the traditional payment card service and efficient self-service cash handling mechanisms.

The implementation of the Auchan Cloche d’Or project in the expected short-term has set a number of challenges for our company. Our priority was to preserve the quality of the product, compliance with the architect’s project and ensure timely deliveries, efficient assembly and safe operation.


For the purpose of this project, a dedicated team composed of specialists from various industries was created in the MAGO group.

 Here are few words from people directly involved in the implementation of Auchan Lifestore in Luxembourg:


Sławomir Mnich – Director of the constructors’ department at MAGO

In accordance with the client’s concept, we have developed non-standard combinations of new elements that met the operational and load requirements. Project prototypes were made and sent to the customer on the basis of projects. After minor changes, the elements were put into production.

An important element that I would like to mention during the project implementation was close and professional cooperation with our team in France, who provided us with the necessary information and project assumptions on an ongoing basis.


Łukasz Ostrowski – Creative Director MAGO DESIGN

In this project, creating new customer experiences was the dominant assumption for the designed spaces. A high level of customer awareness was an additional challenge when defining customer’s new shopping experience. Participation in this venture was a pleasure. Our new design experience has translated into new customer experiences.


Geoffrey BOUVIER – Project Manager MAGO FRANCE

Implementation of a project like Auchan Cloche d’Or is never easy.
Our client, an international leader in retail trade, expected from its partners the highest level of quality and effectiveness. In order to meet this challenge, we were all united around this project: customer, production plant, assembly teams, united and focused to achieve the goal by creating one team. Thanks to cooperation, the result is extraordinary. I congratulate the Auchan team on this concept and project, and I thank the partners and colleagues for the commitment they have shown during this implementation.


Albert Cieślikiewicz – International project manager at MAGO

Our client – Auchan company, is very happy with the outcome of our cooperation. We have received a lot of congratulations and words of appreciation, of which we are very proud.

On this occasion, i would like to thank to all who were involved in this challenging project. Success became possible thanks to teamwork and full involvement of all participants of this project.  Working out effective solutions in a relatively short time was a key factor during this huge project.


You can find more about our CX shelving system HERE


We invite you to watch a short film from the implementation



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