Another successful project completed for CARREFOUR on the French market. This time we were tasked with designing shop fittings based on our client’s concept, and then with manufacturing and installation of the fittings for CARREFOUR MARKET PREMIUM located in the famous town of Versailles near Paris.

The remodel of the shop with 1560 sqm selling space started a week before the lockdown imposed by the French government in response to the coronavirus pandemic. The work had to be stopped and then was resumed in June this year. The shop remained open for customers all throughout the remodel. Individual sections of the shop were closed temporarily in order to replace the old fittings with new cabinets. Our well proven MAGO CX 25 system was used to fit-out Carrefour. In our endeavor to meet the client’s expectations, we expanded our system by a number of functionalities and embellishments. Small additional side units deserve a particular attention which provide an excellent opportunity to display complementary products, and thus increase the customer’s spend. We have installed electronic price tags on racks and in all sections of the shop as these are an expected standard item in this part of Europe.

Apart from standard fixtures, Carrefour Market Premium has been supplied by our company with multiple custom-made elements, such as a display cabinet for dried meats.

After the remodel, the shop offers solutions helping shoppers do their shopping easier such as a clear signage of individual sections, making it easy to move around the aisles in search for specific products.

For more information about out rack solutions, please visit this SITE


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