The simple yet modern design of the QUBE modular line of self-service cash registers adapts perfectly to any store space. Interchangeable modules of different sizes, interchangeable components allow you to create an ideal, tailor-made solution for any store format and size.


However, the QUBE line is not only a stand-alone solution, but also a platform for integrating and building technologically advanced solutions in partnership with full-featured module providers.


Thanks to partnerships and synergies with world-renowned CCL Tech, the 4th largest provider of self-service solutions in the world, the QUBE line of self-service cash registers has been given a new functional and visual dimension, including by being equipped with large-format touch screens.


Recognizing the almost increasing volume of cash transactions in some markets, QUBE became a platform for implementing so-called “cash management” modules, which we realized with one of the market leaders in Italy, Cashmatic.


Our solutions are developed and designed by specialists with passion and years of experience. MAGO is a direct manufacturer, supplier and service provider.



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