DEKO zone in AUCHAN stores in a new design with MAGO solutions.

The DEKO zone in Auchan stores is not only a place for shopping, where you can also find unusual home decorations, but also inspiration and ideas for unique arrangements.

Therefore, it is extremely nice that it is MAGO that has equipped this department in the Auchan chain.

What makes this space so special? First of all, innovative merchandise display solutions to create a unique atmosphere.

Proven CX MONOFOND racking system

In the DEKO Zone of Auchan stores, the reliable MAGO CX shelving system with a 25 mm perforation pitch has been used. Thanks to this, articles are presented in a thoughtful and attractive way. In CX shelving, we used a single MONOFOND back. On purpose, to create additional display space between the rack profiles. With the MONOFOND back, depending on the size of the store, you can get up to several dozen additional meters of display space.

Decorative elements that attract attention

Not only functionality is important, but also appearance. That’s why the decorative side elements of the shelves in the DEKO area are made of expanded metal. This is not only aesthetically pleasing, but also practical. These elements allow light to flow freely, further emphasizing the unique character of the products on display.

Unique exposure

In order to emphasize the special display of certain products, such as special, seasonal or promotional offers, the shelves have been equipped with extended platforms. This is an excellent solution that attracts customers’ attention and makes the aforementioned special offers even more visible.

Mobile display tables

The DEKO zone could not miss mobile tables of various sizes. They were made on the basis of 30 x30 cm profiles, which makes the presentation of goods look light and aesthetically pleasing. Thanks to the casters mounted at the base, you can easily rearrange the space, creating new compositions and inspiring exhibitions.

Cozy homeliness

The DEKO zone in Auchan stores has gained a cozy homey feel thanks to the use of wooden decorative elements in the furnishings. It’s a place where you can feel like you’re in an atmospheric interior, and at the same time find unusual inspiration for arranging your own apartment or home.

We invite you to visit the DEKO zone in the Auchan store chain and discover new design possibilities!


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