EuroShop 2020

We had a great pleasure to welcome you to our stand during EuroShop 2020.  

During this year’s edition of EuroShop we presented such solutions as: automatic warehouse, DSM – digital store map, electronic labels, checkouts: traditional and self-service, lighting: shelving and retail facilities, as well as new shelving and display solutions armed with intelligence, thanks to which retail chains obtain data necessary in the process of sales optimization.

An absolutely groundbreaking solution that focused our guests’ attention was the CLEVE® mobile self-service checkout, which is the best proof that THE FUTURE DOES NOT WAIT IN LINE!

CLEVE® is an absolutely groundbreaking solution, thanks to which the entire shopping process in the store can be carried out by the customer on his own. Virtually without staff support. A great advantage for the customer is that he does not queue up with CLEVE®. You can precisely tailor your shop’s offer to the specific customer. The implementation of our solution not only increases customer loyalty, but also reduces the cost of running the store. CLEVE® also relieves the workload of shop staff, and the possibility of using cross-selling and up-selling techniques ensures that retail chains achieve their planned sales results.

To sum up, we are extremely pleased that the innovative solutions for retail space presented by us have met with great interest and the discussions with you have been so interesting that we can continue them


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