POWERED BY KRAMP is the chain’s first store not only in Poland, but also in Europe. We are all the more proud that MAGO was responsible for equipping the flagship store of this chain, the largest supplier of spare parts for the agricultural industry in Europe. KRAMP offers a wide range of goods for agriculture, as well as gardening supplies, an assortment of workshop equipment and health and safety products.

The POWERED BY KRAMP agricultural center near Konin, Wielkopolska, consists of a 700-square-meter self-service sales hall and a 90-square-meter warehouse, a special product testing area – Kramp Lab equipped with 8 workstations, and a training room.


The space of the newly opened store was equipped with reliable MAGO shelving systems. MAGO NX MINI shelving units with integration were placed against the walls. Thanks to our shelving solutions, the store’s assortment is very well exposed, and additionally we have gained space for storing goods.


The elements of the MAGO NX MINI system allow you to conveniently create the so-called integration, that is, the combination of a pallet rack with a store rack, using common elements. Such a design ensures the use of the high load capacity of the pallet rack to store or display goods at a height of more than 2.2 – 2.5 meters, and in the lower part to organize a sales display. The MAGO NX MINI racks are specifically designed to create “integration” with the racks of the MAGO POLA system


The shelving units of the MAGO POLA system have been arranged in parallel on the sales floor This way of arranging the store provides comfort to shoppers, as it makes it easier for them to visually navigate all the departments in the point of sale with ease. The consumer easily navigates through the retail space and easily finds the right assortment.


We have incorporated a mass of accessories into our shelving systems, such as hooks, hangers and displays that match the assortment on display, as well as shelves and backs. Many years of perfecting the elements of MAGO shelving systems and the production process by our technologists and designers guarantee that they are suitable for a variety of retail spaces and meet the expectations of the most demanding customers.




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