Lewiatan 25th Convention.

 On May 25, 2019, the EXPO XXI hall in Warsaw hosted the franchisees of the Lewiatan network. The congress was organized on the occasion of the 25th anniversary of Lewiatan’s activity on the Polish market. Numerous owners of shops from 16 operator companies Lewiatan came to the capital from all over Poland to celebrate the jubilee.

Our company also had the pleasure of celebrating the Lewiatan jubilee and presenting MAGO solutions for the participants of the congress.

In a specially arranged technology zone, we presented our dual-function checkout counter with the Spinakerr head. Thanks to the use of a modern head, our checkout can fulfill two functions: a traditional checkout, which is operated by a cashier and a self-service checkout.


Our smart wine rack enjoyed great interest among the participants of the event, thanks to the digital signage system it interacts with the store’s customer informing about the product, and at the same time can suggest the purchase of complementary items.

The advantage of intelligent solutions is the collection and analysis of real-time sales data, eg: in what days or hours customers buy a given product, in which store location, what impact on customers has advertising on digital signage media, which brands or pack sizes customer prefers

In addition, we can determine how many times the product was picked up from the shelf and put back. We can observe the reactions of customers to various types of shopping opportunities and promotional campaigns. Thanks to the data we obtain, you can support the management of the store or merchandiser service, which affects the efficiency and optimization of work and costs.  

The participants of the event were very interested in our DSM system

 This solution has a significant impact on the increase in sales efficiency in the store, including:

– price management

– automation of processes in the sales room

– change of prices

– quick finding of an article on the shelf.


We are convinced that in a near future, a lot of our solutions will be implemented into Lewiatans shop concepts.




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