MAGO AR – Revolution in shopfitting!

If it is already possible to verify a purchase of a new dress or a pair of pants in a virtual fitting room, why not do the same when purchasing shop furniture?

 This is exactly the path that we decided to follow when designing Mago AR Shoplifting App, thanks to which the retail salesmen, shop owners or managers may optimally arrange space in their sales floors: they may select the best-fitting furniture for their interiors and place them appropriately. It is the first such application in the shop furniture and equipment industry in the world.


Thanks to Mago AR Shoplifting App, the furniture may be fitted to the shop interior as if they were custom! The application operates on the basis of augmented reality (AR) – a technology that combines virtual and real world with the use of various types of image-processing devices e.g. cameras, smartphones or tablets. Now, thanks to our company, AR is conquering the interiors of commercial facilities –this way, it is possible to “try” any piece of furniture in any commercial space without any measurements or assembly.


How does it work? It’s simple – after running the application in your smartphone, the camera switches on automatically. The lens must be directed at the space of the shop where the new furniture is to be placed. After short configuration process, it is now possible to virtually fit the equipment from a wide range of Mago products. The application includes three main groups of products – shop shelves, cashier boxes and advertising stands and tables. After selecting the furniture, it may be freely rotated, viewed from each side, zoomed in and zoomed out and fitted to equipment that is standing nearby.


You can download AR Shoplifting App at or directly at APPLE APP STORE or GOOGLE PLAY by entering the name MAGO AR Shoplifting 


See how our app works in the store


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