Last Tuesday we had the honour to participate in the IV Congress of Polish Trade Entrepreneurs, which is the largest event in Poland gathering representatives of independent trade.

The Congress was organized by the Eurocash Skills Academy, which runs the largest comprehensive educational and training programme in Poland, supporting Polish independent retail stores. This year’s edition attracted over 5000 participants.

At the event, Microsoft presented a vision of the future of retail trade -„Detalista 4.0” – Retailer 4.0. The specially arranged „FUTURE STORE” could not miss our solutions: Dual-function Checkout and Intelligent Shelf developed together with Perfect Data.

Our solutions are dedicated to retailers – owners and managers of independent grocery stores in order to facilitate the management of the store.

Thanks to our innovations, shop owners can get to know their customers accurately, increase their involvement and loyalty, and respond to their needs.

MAGO solutions for the sales room increase the effectiveness of the shop and help optimize the work of the staff.

The technologies and solutions presented by us met with great interest among the participants of the conference.




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