We are very pleased that MAGO is among the prestigious group of „Forbes Diamonds 2019”.


Forbes Diamonds „is an annual ranking of companies that have most successfully increased their value in the last three years. The editors of the FORBES monthly prepared the results of the companies’ ranking based on the Swiss method of company value evaluation.

Key criteria include financial results for the years 2015-2017, value of assets, payment history, payment credibility or lack of negative legal events. For more than 12 years, Bisnode Polska has been a partner of this ranking, which has compiled a list of the most dynamically developing companies in Poland

Bisnode Polska analysts have valued companies using the valued Swiss method combining the property and income method. The first one does not measure the potential of employees and the know-how possessed by the companies. The profit-based valuation does not take into account the sensitivity to seasonal and conjunctural changes.

Companies that invest a lot can show small profits. The combination of these two methods compensates for these disabilities.


The title of MAGO – Forbes 2019 „is a confirmation that we have found ourselves among the best companies in Poland.



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