New project in the French market for MONOPRIX MAISON

We are proud to announce that, as a company specializing in the design and manufacture of display solutions, we were once again able to demonstrate our exceptional ability to create unique solutions for the retail industry, during the realization of a store for a home&deco chain – MONOPRIX MAISON in the French town of Châteauroux.

The MONOPRIX MAISON store is the ideal place for enthusiasts of beautiful interiors and unique decorations. Based on the concept of the MONOPRIX chain, the design team at MAGO prepared unusual display solutions that not only impress with their aesthetics, but also work well in everyday use. In this project, we were responsible for both design and installation.

A wide range of shelving solutions manufactured by MAGO not only enrich the interiors of MONOPRIX MAISON, but also help to effectively display goods on the sales floor. 

Metal and wood wall-mounted racks: these are unique racks that combine the elegance of wood with the durability of metal. They allow you to effectively display your products and create a welcoming atmosphere in your store.

Display tables with wooden tops: Tables with wooden tops and steel bases are not only practical, but also make a striking decoration for a retail space.

Promotional islands: Promotional island zones are the focal point of the store, where customers can see the latest trends in home decor. Our solutions create a space that encourages shoppers to buy.

Wall-mounted Carpet Displays: These metal displays perfectly showcase a rich assortment of carpets, while leaving plenty of room for customers to freely view the goods on display.

Mobile platforms. Our mobile platforms allow you to quickly and efficiently rearrange your store’s displays and adjust the space to meet various needs, such as seasonal display changes.

Worth noting is the unique green-colored wooden building of the payment zone. This is an important element of the arrangement , which adds character and introduces a unique atmosphere to the store interior of MONOPRIX MAISON.

The realization of MONOPRIX MAISON is further proof of our ability to meet the most demanding design challenges. Our solutions are not only aesthetically stunning, but also improve the shopping experience of customers and help to effectively display products.

If you would like to learn more about our Home and Deco solutions, please feel free to contact us. 


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