Guys and Girls – apparel, trends, collections, campaigns. Stylishness and elegance, inspiring world of creative people. Modern classics, “prêt-à-porter ou haute couture”. Language of people having affair with fashion in every living space.

Department Stores and Shopping Malls. Brand shops, Fasion Outlets, local boutiques and Plazas. Fashion and lifestyle.

New Arrivals – Jackets and skirts - & Must-Haves boots, handbags, party adds. Dressed-Up Style & Activewear – fashion – goods and trends variable like the seasons. Shelving concepts – form and function – backdrop of presented collections. “Arrange easy” show systems of ever more and more new collections. Shelving type „casual” together with „Tailor-made” – mirrors - catwalk – true runway fashion shows right in the spotlight. Shelving - Now Trending & Most Wanted – displays. Hangers and high heels – needles and scissors.


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