Today, the retail industry expects innovative solutions that provide an attractive presentation of goods and enhance the shopping experience of customers. A display solution that meets these expectations is POLA+. This rack, designed and manufactured by MAGO, stands out as a popular and valued product in European markets and offers a number of benefits for retailers.

Eye-catching display of goods

POLA+ shelf is a perfect solution for stores that want to draw customers’ attention to the products offered. Thanks to its well-thought-out design, high visibility of goods on the shelves is ensured, which attracts the eyes of shoppers. POLA+ is an ideal rack for selling promotional or occasional goods. Positive customer shopping experiences and promotions work to the advantage of the store, increasing the frequency of returning customers.

Increase sales and margins

POLA+ shelving is characterized by its modular design (promotional extensions and gondolas) and is available in various sizes and variants. Thanks to a wide range of paint finishes, unique merchandise displays can be created, highlighting high-margin products. Thoughtful display positively influences the customer’s shopping experience and increases the time spent on the sales floor. This results in an increase in store profits and, consequently, has a positive impact on profitability.

Optimize store operating costs

POLA+ rack is very easy to merchandise. Items can be stacked, both in bulk cartons and individual packages. This design feature directly affects the work of the staff and translates into operational efficiency for store employees, time savings and reduced costs for the retail establishment.

Adaptation to different categories and store formats

The unique features of the POLA+ rack allow it to be used to display many assortment categories in very different store formats. Thanks to its various dimensions, the POLA+ bookcase is used both in smaller convenience stores, discount stores or supermarkets, as well as in formats: DIY and Cash&Carry. In addition, the possibility of using different types of shelves: steel, wire, wooden or glass allows you to match the display to the character and assortment of the store.

14% more merchandise on display

In the design of the POLA MONOFOND+ variant of the shelving unit, a single shelving back was used. Specially to save a few extra centimeters of display space between the rack profiles. With the MONOFOND back, depending on the format of the store, it is possible to obtain up to several tens of meters, additional display space.


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