The “Freshest Biedronka” is already open!

This is what the BIEDRONKA retail chain calls the newly opened shop furnished by MAGO.

The shelving system of the BIEDRONKA store at Modlińska Street in Warsaw, with an area of nearly 700 square meters, is based on the proven MAGO shelving  system.

The sales hall of the new store has been divided into product sections, which are dominated by a wide range of fresh goods and organic products.

The new Biedronka’s innovative, more atractive appearance is largely due to completely new shelf solutions and wider aisles. Specially designed Racks Add On “brings” the customer to the cosmetic zone.

In the alcohol and beverages section, the shelves were illuminated by DANLER – a company from the MAGO GROUP. Specially selected light color has a significant impact on the quality of exposure.

A completely innovative solution in the facility is a gondola for loose products developed by MAGO.

MAGO has equipped the payment zone with futuristic design  of traditional Q5 checkouts.

The new Biedronka is distinguished by its new colours in a tasteful shade of grey. In the sales hall, instead of traditional paper advertisements, LCD screens were used. A completely new solution in this store are pro-ecological photovoltaic panels installed on the roof, a charging station for electric vehicles and the “Coffee and cake” corner, where you can make yourself a coffee and choose a sweet or salty snack.

Once more Biedronka and MAGO sets new standard for a Retail industry.

We invite you to take a look at photo gallery from this exeptional store. 



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