The MAGO AR application collects prizes!

We are very pleased that we received the Retail Innovation Awards 2019 in the field of interior design for the „MAGO AR SHOPFITTING”

Application is on the market less than 3 months therefore we are proud that in addition to praise from our customers we have also gained recognition in the industry.

For over 30 years MAGO’s main goal is to focus on the client and his needs – we focus on optimal, comprehensive solutions to his problems. We stand out on the market with tailored ideas, flexibility, as well as technological advantage. Therefore, as the only company in the world in our industry, we have prepared a tool for customers in the form of MAGO AR APPLICATION for smartphones and tablets

„With the MAGO AR APP, you can check whether the rack or shopfitting solution fits the sales room. We have created a tool that is intuitive to use, while giving the user the maximum number of functions that are necessary when choosing store equipment ” says- Dawid Marczak – Creative Team Manager at MAGO.

The MAGO AR application is not the only project based on the use of 3D graphics in MAGO – „soon we will give our customers new tools using 3D models in the design of store space”, adds Dawid Marczak.


You can download our APP from both Google Play and Apple Store


Below are short videos showing the possibilities of arranging the store space, with the augmented reality technology used in the MAGO AR application.




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