Carrefour City Paris Vaugirard 293

 In July, our next foreign project was completed – the opening of Carrefour City in the 15th district in Paris.


„Fifteen” is the largest region of Paris in terms of area and population. There are four ministries here: education, defense, agriculture, foreign affairs, several embassies: Australia, Eritrea, Cuba, Libya, Panama, Morocco, Turkey and the Palestine Representation. There are also UNESCO headquarters and a Japanese cultural center.


We were very pleased that we carried out the project in such a prestigious part of Paris.

Our task was to remodeling the old store and adapt the surface to the City Carrefour concept. Market with an area of 825 m2 is located in an old tenement house, in which there are significant differences in floor levels and uneven walls. When adjusting the design, we had to dimension the object very carefully, taking into account all the details, so that it could perfectly match the equipment to the interior.

The key change in this store was a new interior design and a much better use of retail space.


As part of the remodeling process, we have provided solutions produced by MAGO: store shelves with LED lighting and „MARK” checkout counters. All solutions have been made by us in accordance to the latest, impressive architectural, concept – „Carrefour City”.


The high standard of finish, which until now was associated mainly with delicatessen, is transferred to supermarkets and even neighborhood stores. From what we know, the customers of the new  Carefour City store appreciate the changes that have been made, which have a strong impact on consumer purchasing loyalty, and for the point of  owner view, they result in higher turnover.


 For the convenience of our customers in France there is a warehouse with MAGO equipment elements. Thanks to this solution, we can deliver our solutions in a relatively short time.


We would like to thank our long lasting partner Carrefour for the trust in this demanding project.



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