MAGO has provided business support to its customers for more than 30 years now. We offer solutions involving the arrangement of functional retail space, shopping safety, customer communication systems and support for the efficient processing of orders in e-commerce.

Rapid response to the situation in the retail sector is our priority and duty at this time.

Today, our main goal is to professionally assist retailers and protect both shoppers and personnel from COVID-19 infection, and to propose solutions that will allow our clients to operate efficiently and grow in the long term.

Therefore, please find out more about our practical solutions which improve the safety of shoppers and personnel alike.

Our solutions are not provisional or temporary. Although their main characteristic nowadays is seeing to it that retail space is safe and arranged efficiently and functionally, these solutions provide a number of functionalities and opportunities to support the organization of processes that contribute to customer experience, cut costs, boost revenue and guarantee sustainable development in the world of Retail 4.0.


HELPLINE: Please feel free to contact us on: 22 223 44 25

Here we provide advice and assistance on how to protect a point of sale, shoppers and personnel from COVID-19 infection, and suggest how to remodel your current business and plot a new growth path for it.

*Advisory assistance is free of charge and does not require you to place any orders


TEAM OF EXPERTS: We have established a dedicated team of specialists to support you in dealing with COVID-19 threats and organizing effective business. The team provides advice on how to be prepared for the short- and long-term challenges that the market is currently posing during the coronavirus pandemic.


Disinfection stations

Our mechanical desinfection station do not require installation or power supply, which means they can be placed anywhere. A must have personal protection solutions to disinfect hands both at the facility’s entrance and exit.


Mobile Self-service Checkout

Mobile self-service checkout ”Clever” eliminates the contact of the staff with the Client and shortens the time of the Clients purchasing process.


Self-service Checkouts

With the threat of COVID-19 present, a self-checkout area acquires a new dimension, helping to keep a safe distance between shoppers and between shop assistants and shoppers, and significantly reduces the time spent by the shoppers at the checkout area


Checkout Zone

Transparent checkout counter shields improve the safety and comfort of both shop employees and shoppers. They help maintain a safe distance between the customer and the cashier, and on top of that, they create iso- lated and comfortable workspace for the cashier.



During the COVID-19 outbreak and risk of infection, e-commerce solutions eliminate the barriers caused by
the limited availability of physical stores affected by the total trading ban, while allowing retailers to maintain
business continuity.


Pay Stations

MAGO solutions not only enable secure handling of cash and cashless payments, but they also allow you to outsource your cash handling operations since the equipment is compatible with CIT (cash-in-transit) companies and the software can be used to work with companies from the finance sector.

COVID-19 Brochure