Dual-function checkout counters in the Lewiatan’s shop in Gierałtowice

Another store of the LEWIATAN  retail chain with a sales area of about 400 m2 decided to install MAGO double-function checkout counters  in their payment zone.

Thanks to the innovative SPINAKERR head, the traditional checkout counter can be easily and quickly transformed into a self-service checkout. The SPINAKERR head has a sliding mechanism that allows it to be set, depending on the needs, in two modes of operation – cashier’s or self-service.

This gives great flexibility in the arrangement of the payment zone, which thus becomes a more customer-friendly, without the need of complicated reconstruction  or the need to organize additional self-service space.

The introduction of our dual-function checkouts is aimed at improving the customer service of the store and reducing the time spent in the queue to the checkouts. It is also a tribute to those customers who seek convenience and maximum independence when shopping (they want to scan products and make payments themselves).

MAGO checkout counters stand out on the market due to their intuitive, simple operation and speed of operation. Payments are made by card.

An element of the equipment of the boxes supplied by us is LED signalling, which in a discreet way informs the staff of the store what is currently happening in the self-service area.

Shop employee on the mobile device have a preview of the operations performed in the self-service area.

Customers who have any problems  or need authorization to purchase alcoholic beverages can count on the help of the staff.


On the basis of our previous implementations of self-service checkouts in stores of a similar type, we observe a 15% increase in daily transactions. The number of such transactions is growing regularly because among other things it is associated with, a time of getting customers to get used to self-service solutions and faster response time of a sales assistant.

Our data analysis also shows that during the sales peak period, the number of transactions increased several times. In fact, the time of a single transaction at the cash desk, from the first day after the installation of the dual-function checkout droped from about 2 min 50 seconds to 1 min 47 seconds, with an average of 9.17 products per transaction.

On the basis of the collected data, we calculated that, assuming full load of self-service cash register during the day, theoretically it is possible to serve an average of 25 to 35 customers per hour, which in a 14-hour shop operation mode gives from 350 to 450 customers.

For more information about MAGO self service checkout counters, please click HERE


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