Another great project on the French market is completed. This time we’ve equipped the intermarche store in Moyvillers.

 In the newly opened Intermarche store with the sales area of ​​2530 m2, the entire shopfitting equipment is based on our  CX system with 25mm perforation with mono back panels. This solution provides an additional 40 mm of display space on each shelf, which gives an increase in the number of SKUs in the entire store.

In order to fully meet the customer’s expectations, we have extended our MAGO CX system with a number of functional and aesthetic options. First of all, a noticeable architectural motif are specially designed end-caps and finishing, shelves with wood and decorative frames with the possibility of placing promotional information about articles.

Additionally, we have designed and constructed an alcoholic zone – wine racks and beer zone. The metal frames was encased in wood, which gave it a new, fresh and elegant look.

Implementation of the Intermarche store in Moyvillers in a relatively short time posed a number of challenges for our company, which we managed to meet. Our priority was to maintain compliance with the retailer  architect’s design team and ensure timely deliveries, efficient installation and safe operation.

We want to thank to our business partner Intermarche for the trust in such a demanding project.

You can find more information about our CX system HERE



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