The basic function of shop furniture is to display products. Retailers are always looking for interesting solutions to create the best possible promotional places in the sales room.

A perfect solution are free-standing displays, placed outside the standard rack line. These are usually racks, dump-in baskets, promotional stands that can be treated as an „additional shelf in the store”.

 Our last project for the largest Ukrainian retail chain ATB was to design and prepare a special area for the exhibition of the assortment of products, the so-called promotional End Cap.

Together with Cerera company we have created a multifunctional solution addressed to many categories of products, such as: BEAUTY, ALCOHOL, PRESS AND BOOKS. The promotional end cap has been equipped with LED illuminated sides of plexiglass, so that it is visible from a distance.

In addition, at the back, on both sides stand is equipped with LIGHT BOX, on which advertising prints can be placed.


A unique advantage of this type of furniture, apart from its aesthetics, is the possibility to create unique solutions supporting sales effectiveness.

 More solutions of this type can be found in the category POS&POP



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