Second CARREFOUR BIO in Warsaw has just opened

In response to Carrefour’s strategy of nutritional transformation, the second CARREFOUR BIO in Warsaw has just opened. The new store with a sales area of 198 sqm was opened on 16 of June in one of the housing estates in Warsaw’s Bemowo district.

The rack system of the new store is based on the proven MAGO CX 25 system. The four-sided perforation of the load-bearing profile allows optimisation of the exhibition space. Additional displays mounted on the side of the gondollas increase the sales opportunities of the products.

 In the new retail space, a modern vegetable island with three levels of displaying goods attracts attention. Shelves and mobile baskets, islands, whose base are made of perforated metal, ensure free air flow, which contributes to maintaining a longer freshness of stored products. Wheels with braked baskets allow efficient replenishment and cleaning. The vegetable rack is equipped with an add-on for supplementary products and accessories.

The newly opened facility offers customers many types of fresh products, such as fruit and vegetables, meat, fish and alcoholic beverages and wine. The store also offers CARREFOUR BIO private label products, as well as non-food products such as certified cosmetics and eco-detergents.

A characteristic feature of this store format is the sale of loose weight products in the trend of „less waste”.

The Carrefour chain, globally, has set itself the goal of being a leader in organic food sales in all markets, and opening another store in Poland under the name of CARREFOUR BIO is part of a consistently implemented strategy of nutritional transformation. We are proud of the fact that MAGO is actively involved in this process.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank Carrefour for trusting us and with such a prestigious project.


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