V Food Products Fair E.Leclerc

Today we are at the 5th E. Leclerc Food Products Fair, an excellent platform for the exchange of knowledge from the RETAIL industry and a place where you can talk about consumer trends.

At the event we focused on the presentation of our latest solutions in the field of new technologies, developed in cooperation with Perfect Data

Our intelligent solutions gathered a great interest among visitors. Intelligent wine rack through digital signage interacts with the customer of the store and collects data.


The main functionality of our intelligent solutions is to collect and process sales data in real time, e.g. at what time and on what day customers buy a specific article, where (location), which brandy or packaging size customers prefer. Each time our system registers the process of picking up an item from a smart shelf and putting it back – the so-called BOUNCE RATE (rejection rate).

Additionally, we can observe, in real time, the reactions of customers to product promotion campaigns.

Data from intelligent solutions, which we obtain is very valuable, because on its basis we can improve the management of shop or merchandisers’ work. This has an impact on the optimization of people’s work and costs.

Another solution presented at today’s trade fair is the MAGO SPRINT self-service checkout. MAGO self-service checkouts are a great support for the traditional cash register line and allow much smoother service to customers. Thanks to them, customer waiting time in the payment zone is reduced, which helps to build a positive shopping experience.

Every year we observe a growing interest in our solutions, especially in the field of new technologies. This year’s event E. Leclerc gathered about 200 business partners, and we consider the event to be very successful. We will certainly participate in the next edition.



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