Another grate project for OBI completed. We have fully arranged and equipped the Distribution Center in Natolin with an area of about 50,000 m2 in the HX high bay shelving system.

The design of the facility was prepared based on the client’s requirements and, the expected loading of traverses and the strength of the warehouse floor.

The idea of our reliable HX shelving system lies in the possibility of creating shelf sequences consisting of one, two and many segments, with the possibility of varying levels of storage on each of them. The assembly of all elements takes place only using screw and hook connections, which gives the possibility to re-use system components.

Configuration of storage racks – spacing of posts, beams, height of storage levels, mutual position of shelf strings and necessary dimensions were determined based on customer’s needs, taking into account the permissible structure load and conditions ensuring its stability. Finally, we obtained nearly 34 thousand pallet places.

We thank our long lasting business parter OBI for the trust.


You can find more information about the HX high storage rack system HERE


We invite you to watch a short film from the implementation.



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