We conducted tests of the CLEVER smart trolley in the newly opened LEWIATAN store in the Warsaw district of Wola.

The store’s customers had the opportunity to personally test CLEVER, which undoubtedly represents the future of commerce.

Customers were very impressed that you don’t have to stand in a queue with the CLEVER smart trolley, and thanks to the customer’s own shopping bag, there’s no need to unpack and repack products from the shelf to the trolley, from the trolley to the belt, or from the belt to the bag. After paying for the purchase with a card, all you have to do is remove the bag from the device, put the trolley back, and leave the store.

The CLEVER smart trolley is also an ideal solution during the coronavirus epidemic because the customer is always alone throughout their shopping path. Contact with the store staff, as well as contact with other customers in the store, are kept to a minimum, and above all, the customer does not have to stand in the checkout queue.

CLEVER is a combination of a shopping trolley and self-service checkout. Our solution is equipped with several innovative technologies, including a computer with a touch screen, an EAN and QR code scanner, and a certified and calibrated scale. Moreover, CLEVER is equipped with a LED lighting system that notifies the store staff about the current status and operating mode of the checkout.


CLEVER is primarily a system that makes shopping easier for customers and helps retailers sell products and build consumer loyalty.

The CLEVER technology collects very large amounts of data about store customers, analyses their shopping paths – when and what products they buy, and which product categories have the highest rejection rate. This allows retailers to better tailor their product range to customer expectations. It is also easier for them to plan the order of the right amount of goods and then to stock up the store.


For more information about CLEVER, please click HERE


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