Another retail network, this time Polish SPOŁEM WSS PRAGA POŁUDNIE cooperative, decided to create a SCO SELF-SERVICE CHECKOUT AREA in Universam Grochów in Warsaw in order to make shopping more attractive and easier.

While creating SCO self-service payment area with electronic payment support in the supermarket we took into account:

– customers’ preferences and expectations,

– the number of transactions,

– the type of the sales system,

– the topography of the facility.

The prime role of SCO self-service payment area is to relieve queues as fast as possible and meet the needs of customers who prefer to scan products unaided and pay for their purchases with a card or a phone.

Every MAGO V1 box is equipped with a scanner which identifies product in a flash, a scale, a card reader and a touchscreen connected to a powerful computer what ensures a smooth use of sales software in a shop.

Our tasks also included a smooth integration of our self-service checkouts with NETIS software which connects all business processes with the help of a consistent solution based on several components. It’s our first integration process with NETIS company. Thanks to excellent cooperation we managed to consolidate different systems so that they could communicate with each other and cooperate effectively.

What is more, SCO self-service area in the supermarket is equipped with LED signalling which, with the help of colours, unobtrusively informs store personnel about what is currently going on at a given checkout. At the same time, SCO area assistant at a special stand can view operations at every checkout in the area.

SCO implementation project in UNIVERSAM would not have succeeded without an excellent, open and dedicated cooperation with our client – SPOŁEM WSS PRAGA POŁUDNIE COOPERATIVE. It should be emphasised that it’s one of the most dynamic cooperatives in Poland, which has been active since 1937, and its motto is: “Successful shopping round the corner”.

Not without reason, the first self-service area in this retail chain was created in an iconic point of sale in Warsaw – UNIVERSAM GROCHÓW which has been Varsovians’ favourite shopping place since 1977. A building at Grochowska 207 street was pulled down in the spring of 2016 and in 2018 it was replaced by Galeria Rondo Wiatraczna. The heart of Galeria Rondo Wiatraczna is UNIVERSAM supermarket which, just like before demolition, consists of two shops: a grocery store and an industrial supply store. On the ground floor there is a supermarket with groceries covering 2000 square metres and on the first floor there is a shop with industrial products covering 520 square metres. A commemorative “UNIVERSAM GROCHÓW” neon, which decorates the elevation of Galeria Rondo Wiatraczna, is a reference to the history of UNIVERSAM.



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