Dual-function checkouts, the latest solution to optimize the cash register area. It can be used as a traditional cash register box as well as a self-service checkout.
Designed with the greatest attention to detail, the fully optimized MAGO Checkouts are enriched with new functionality. Combining tradition with modernity, we get an ideal solution!
Dual-function checkout is a response to the needs arising from the market. Traditional checkout, which can be easily changed into a self-service checkout counter.

Dual-Function Checkout Counter

All this is possible thanks to the innovative SPINAKERR head, installed together with the DFM table in place of the traditional cashier's table.
The SPINAKERR head has a sliding mechanism that allows it to be set, depending on the needs, in two modes of operation - cashier's or self-service.
This gives great flexibility in the organization of the payment zone. Following the spirit of the times, following the latest trends in trade, each store, large or small, can become a customer-friendly place, without rebuilding the payment zone and the need to organize a special self-service zone.

Q5 Dual-function Checkout with Spinakerr head

Each MAGO checkout of the Q5 and MARK lines can be transformed into a dual-functional box. This means that even retail facilities already furnished do not lose their chance to implement the latest technological solutions.
Reduced service time, reduced queues, minimized frustration of customers waiting for service, are just some of the benefits resulting from the decision to use a dual-function checkout box.


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