Self-service checkout counters

Todays Retail is full of digital solutions that support shopkeepers and their employees in their daily duties. Undoubtedly, the most important of these is the self-service checkout
Todays customer demands that the shop in which he or she shops offers the possibility of self-service payment.

Self Service Checkouts Qube

Our QUBE Self Service Checkouts are designed to perform under all conditions and in every space that you are thinking of to become self service area.

Qube self-service checkout line

The Qube self-service checkout line is a modular solution that will satisfy the most demanding customers of your store. Attractive design, combined with ergonomic use gives us all the advantages of a self-service checkout in a modern payment zone. All this to speed up the shopping process and increase the flow of customers in your store.

QUBE self-service checkout

We have designed the QUBE self-service checkout line as a modular solution, so that we can offer solutions by tailoring the components to the specific needs of the customer. Our offer is aimed at both retail chains and smaller shops that are considering the introduction of self-service checkouts.
Our experts take an individual approach to each customer, working together to design the payment area. All within the modular solutions of our QUBE self-service checkout line


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