Traditional checkout counters

MARK checkout counters

MARK checkout counters are characterized by modern design and high quality finishing materials, such as aluminium and plastics. The MARK range is the most technologically advanced line of checkout counters. The counters are offered in two-tone layouts. The wooden bumper protecting the conveyor belt and the basket are offered in 4 colours - black, grey, light grey and red. The body of the counter is available in over 100 different colours. The total length of an installation ranges between 1800 mm and 4200 mm; narrow or wide basket; additional accessories and possibility to combine into symmetrical systems or tandems - everyone can adapt parameters to their own needs.

MODULO checkout counters

The MODULO line is distinguished for its broad selection of parameters, which allows efficient utilization of space at designing a checkout counter area. The length of the conveyor belt ranges between 600 mm and 3200 mm; narrow or wide basket; total length between 2000 mm and 4300 mm - this is only the beginning of configuration. A broad range of accessories available to MODULO line allows expanding a list of functions a checkout counter can perform. Checkout counters can be combined into symmetrical systems or tandems, which enhances the possibilities of arranging space in the payment area.

MINI checkout counters

The MINI counter line is an ideal solution for small and medium-sized shops with limited sales space - not only functional, but thanks to the finishing materials used, such as aluminium or plastics - offer a high level of quality. The MINI models are not equipped with conveyor belts. They are available in seven length versions and with two basket sizes - wide and narrow.


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